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What we do

We are industry commentators

Through articles, white papers, interviews, eBooks and webinars, we take an in-depth look at what’s happening in the industries important to our audience

We are summit organisers

We create & organise some of world’s most important events to help understand current and future business strategies, innovations and technologies

We are on-demand

We produce & manage the largest video library of industry specific case studies & presentations from global thought leaders and make them available to help you optimize results in your organization

"Absolutely incredible what your organization is doing. I spoke to so many people who felt their companies were stagnating, and through research they discovered Innovation Enterprise"

Chief Brand Officer - Made for Good



We exist to share knowledge and content, the channels are our primary resource for this. Including new articles, interviews and presentations daily, they act as a library for our knowledge, insight and opinions on the latest industry issues.

CxO Channels

CxO Channels

Being a member of the C-Suite comes with unique challenges. We provide access to this exclusive group and provide commentary from those with experience in making important strategic decisions.



Our summits are truly global and bring together the brightest minds, thought leaders and innovative organizations to discuss and discover the latest industry developments.

From inspiring keynote presentations to deep dive workshops, our summits create environments where information can be shared openly and communicated across each of our key channels.

"As per usual, you guys have done an amazing job curating a phenomenal summit with the very brightest, innovative minds in the media space. I can say hands down, you guys do the finest job of anyone in the media conference space" 

Scott Kritz - Audience Development, Liquor.com


Innovation Enterprise On Demand

Access to the minds of industry experts.

Innovation Enterprise On Demand is the largest video library of industry specific case studies & presentations from global thought leaders. Helping you to gain insight & optimize results in your organization.

"The quality of the speakers was extraordinarily high. They had solved difficult problems and told their stories well. Usually, I'm exhausted at the end of a presentation. This time, I'm energized!”

Vice President - Netflix

Tech Landscape

Tech Landscape

A directory of innovative companies & their published content.
Providing you with solutions & expert commentary on the topics that matter to you.

Advisory Boards

Advisory Boards

Advisory Board members are responsible for the strategic direction of the content & products we deliver. The support and participation of these members from Fortune 1000 organizations, government and academia, ensures that our coverage, summits and content, deliver maximum value to our audience.

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