Big Data & Analytics for Marketing Summit

December 11 & 12, New York, 2017

Why Attend

Join over 100 customer analysts, data scientists and big data pioneers to discuss, debate and devise the greatest success stories in marketing effectiveness and consumer intelligence. Don't miss this exclusive networking and learning opportunity that will help you to define, predict and optimize your marketing initiatives, therein driving the greatest revenue from your brand's most valued consumer audience.

Reasons To Attend:

  • Learn how to devise a global marketing strategy based on insights and techniques tested on national audiences, ensuring that your realize maximum ROI at an organisational level.

  • Discover how data science can be used to predict the product streams that your audience is most likely to engage with and how best to deliver them, helping you to increase conversion through personal marketing.

  • Understand how to mine a huge amount of structured and unstructured global consumer data to understand behavioral trends and revenue opportunities, giving you key insights to increase profitability on your products.

  • Ensure you are leveraging data analytics to fully optimize their SEO and recommendation platforms, building new methods for you to personalize your consumer journey whilst tracking its effectiveness.

  • Discover how you can strengthen audience sentiment and awareness towards your crucial CSR initiatives through marketing data analytics for social good.

What Will Be Discussed?

The main themes for this year’s discussion are:

  • Analyzing Customer Behavior Across Multiple Channels
  • Driving Marketing Effective & Proving ROI From Data
  • Mining Consumer Insights From Unstructured Data
  • Machine Learning For Product Analysis & Revenue Prediction
  • Marketing Optimization & Web Personalization


The Big Data & Analytics for Marketing Summit is part of the IE8 Festival 2017. The festival will bring together 8 unique summits across 2 days, covering a vast array of topics from Big data, Strategy, Innovation, Analytics & Digital. Choose the ‘Access All Areas’ pass to access all 8 summits, and hear valuable insights from over 180 senior-level industry leaders.