Big Data Innovation Summit

September 11 & 12, Boston, 2018

Why Attend

1) Engineer new products through learning from four unique industry tracks to create air-tight strategy and operational roll-outs.

2) Decipher how strategy, open innovation, technology acquisition and engineering to drive gains in revenue and brand visibility through technology leadership.

3)  Learn best practices for both your internal business uses and external marketing to become versed in the most efficient business strategy from industry forerunners. 

4) Network with 400+ industry leaders cross-industry, bound by a desire to succeed, and form partnerships to open the door to future investment opportunities.

5) Develop best practices for organizations to implement a data strategy to capitalize on the scale and security offered in a trusted cloud, while also benefitting from growth areas like machine learning and AI.

What's Being Discussed?

If your job role involves the following areas then this is a MUST attend event:

Innovation in Big DataHadoop & NoSQL, Strategy for Big Data Initiatives, Cloud-Based DataBusiness Analytics, Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Data Quality, Data-Driven Products, Data Architecture & EngineeringBusiness Intelligence, Machine Learning & Algorithms, Unstructured DataAdvanced Analytics, Data Governance, Big Data AnalyticsMaster Data Management, Data & Text MiningDecision Science, Metadata & Modelling, Deep Learning, Computer Science & Engineering.

Previous Presentations:

  • Twitter on connecting social media to business results.
  • US Dept. of Homeland Security on forecasting emerging science & technology.
  • National Geographic on transforming numbers into deeper consumer insight.
  • Wayfair on recruiting and managing an effective data science team.
  • AIG on leveraging the value of untapped data.