Brand Strategy Innovation Summit

September 13 & 14, San Francisco, 2018

Why Attend

How does a 100 year old brand stay relevant in 2017? How do new brands build up a loyal following? What is the most effective way to ride the social media wave as part of an innovative brand strategy? These are just some of the key challenges facing branding and marketing executives that the Brand Strategy Innovation Summit will address this year. 

Brand Strategy Innovation Summit brings together leaders from the world’s most recognized and valued brands for 2 days of open forum discussion covering all aspects of brand management. 

Best practices in aligning brand and corporate strategy to boost business performance.

Build customer trust by achieving brand consistency in an age of digital transformation.

Learn steps to strengthen your brand identity in order to increase customer engagement.

Stand out from the crowd by building your brand's social media presence.

How to innovate continuously with flawless timing and execution for maximum brand exposure.

Who will you meet? 

If your job role includes the following responsibilities then this is a MUST attend event: 

  • Chief Marketing Officer 
  • Brand Voice 
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Brand Strategy 
  • Digital Media 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Brand Marketing
  • Chief Design Officer 
  • Brand Communications 

Why attend? 

We look for real solutions to the problems that you face every day. This groundbreaking summit looks to deal with some of the most challenging areas within brand strategy, with direct feedback and interactive discussion with leaders from world renowned brands. 

  • Discover how to create a master brand that evokes customer loyalty
  • Realise the key components needed for a successful brand story
  • Find out how consumer engagement can be used as a tool to drive profits. 
  • Learn how you can use innovation to make your brand stand out in a changing market
  • How you can start your rebranding process to connect with a customer base

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