Chief Strategy Officer Summit

September 12 & 13, Sydney, 2018

Why Attend

Corporate strategy is undergoing major transformations where, arguably, businesses need to be more agile and reactive with their strategy in order to stay relevant. As competitive and business environments evolve, sources of advantage must be renewed. The Chief Strategy Officer Summit will explore the latest strategic trends, challenges and process within the corporate nexus.

From exploratory case studies to panel sessions and open discussions, the summit is a forum for the most influential and driven practitioners to walk away with truly valuable contacts and insights. 

Why attend?

In this ever changing environment the Chief Strategy Officer Summit allows executives to hear how leading organisations evolve, ensuring objectives are consistently achieved.  

Effective strategic planning is central to business success. Hear how leading executives create competitive advantage and achieve performance targets. 

With thought leaders from Telstra, Groupon, Pepsico, Tabcorp, ABC, ANZ & more, this summit will bring together those pioneers at the fore front of strategy within some of the worlds most successful organisations. 

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We look forward to seeing you there!