Content Marketing Summit

December 11 & 12, New York, 2017

Why Attend

Position yourself ahead of your competition by focusing your brand communications through targeted SEO, insightful content strategy personalized outreach. 

The Content Marketing Summit offers a platform for our speakers to openly share their industry challenges and strategic solutions.

Implement the latest SEO strategies to ensure your brand is discovered

Monetize your social media presence

Develop your outreach with relevant content marketing 

Improve your customer journey by offering a complete multichannel experience

Personalize your consumer experience with advanced tracking & attribution

Establish real connections through immersive peer-to-peer networking

The Content Marketing Summit is part of the IE8 Festival 2017. The festival will bring together 8 unique summits across 2 days, covering a vast array of topics from Big data, Strategy, Innovation, Analytics & Digital. Choose the ‘Access All Areas’ pass to access all 8 summits, and hear valuable insights from over 180 senior-level industry leaders.

Catch up with all the content post-summit on Innovation Enterprise On Demand - available to Gold and Access All Areas pass holders.

Still not sure what to expect? Check out Conde Nast discussing 'How to be Heard' at last year's summit.