Digital Marketing in Healthcare Summit

May 22 & 23, Philadelphia, 2018

Why Attend

Delivering Marketing Strategies For The Future of Healthcare

Explore the effects that healthcare retailization has had and will have within your industry to adapt your approach.

Discover 2018’s digital trends to help strengthen your strategy.

Learn how to best create quality content to engage your audience.

Meet experts and gain their insider insights to improve your digital approach to healthcare marketing.

Topics covered:

- Increasing confidence in consumers around home healthcare

- Utilizing data to personalize healthcare advertising 

- Effectively forging emotional relationships with consumers

- Recognizing the retailization of healthcare and its effect

- Building an authentic social presence to connect, collaborate and communicate

Who will you meet?

Chief Marketing Officer, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Digital Strategist, Digital Operations, Digital Health, Healthcare Operations, Emerging Technologies, Connected Health, Social Media, Content Strategy

Types of Companies Include:

  • Hospital Providers 
  • Insurance Companies 
  • Pharmaceutical companies 
  • Diagnostic and biotech device companies 
  • Brands focussing on Fitness and Lifestyle

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