Digital Marketing Innovation Summit

March 15 & 16, Melbourne, 2018

Why Attend

Do you want to establish a successful omnichannel digital marketing strategy?

Position yourself ahead of your competition by focusing your brand communications through targeted SEO, insightful content strategy, and personalised outreach.

Nurture an innovative and agile business culture

Engage your audience with relevant content marketing

Implement the latest SEO strategies to ensure your brand is discovered

Improve your customer journey by offering a complete multichannel experience

Succeed with analytics-driven decision making

Benefit from networking with the most senior executives in the business

Topics to be discussed: 

  • SEO & search marketing strategy
  • Personalization, tracking and attribution 
  • The future of social media; social selling, video strategy & more
  • Implementing a data-driven marketing strategy
  • Using content marketing to build and engage your audience
  • Optimised mobile marketing
  • Digital brand strategy

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