eCommerce Innovation Summit

March 20 & 21, San Francisco, 2018

Why Attend

Do you want to optimize successful eCommerce strategies to improve the customer journey? 

The eCommerce Innovation Summit brings together current leaders and brands within the eCommerce space for two days of knowledge sharing & networking. 

With an executive attendance from the retail & online industries, this interactive platform boasts a senior level demographic to answer your commerce queries. 

Learn how to adopt new digital trends, such as chat bots, vr and voice search, to strengthen customer base.

Understand how to successfully connect your internal teams and departments to deliver on your e-commerce goals.

Enhance the experience of your mobile shoppers.

Establish how AI can be applied to enhance shopping experience and increase revenue in your business.

Build brand credibility in a world full of choice.

Topics to be discussed: 

  • Adopting new digital trends (e.g. NFC voice search, vr, chatbots)
  • Enhancing the mobile shopping experience
  • Cross-channel marketing
  • Evolving skills set of an e-commerce team
  • AI applications
  • Building brand credibility

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