HR & Workforce Analytics Innovation Summit

Transforming Your Business & The People Within It

London, 2017

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This summit will bring together the worlds leading HR & Workforce Analytics experts, providing the perfect platform for thought-sharing and innovative discussion.  

The HR & Workforce Analytics Innovation Summit is part of the DigiTech Festival, London Tech Week's leading experience on data, digital and design. For more information, see the full 5-track agenda here.

For more information on attendees, speakers or group discounts, please contact Sam Blunsdon at sblunsdon@theiegroup.com or 0203 868 4215.

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Top HR & Workforce Analytics professionals will be sharing invaluable insight into their latest projects and providing a platform for discovery. This year's speakers included:

  • Nicky Clement

    VP, People Analytics

  • Angela Ignam Mathon

    VP, Global Human Capital MI

  • Nadia Hutchinson

    Global HR Process Owner

    British American Tobacco
  • Laurien Adriaenssens

    Lead People Data Scientist

  • Stijn de Vries

    Lead, SWP

    ABN Amro
    ABN Amro
  • Martin Oest

    SWP Director & Partner

    True Picture Europe
    True Picture Europe
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HR Analytics is becoming increasingly essential to identify the skills and roles needed for long term growth. If progress is to be made, organisations needs to re-skill, up-skill and motivate their staff; HR Analytics and Metrics can demonstrate where action needs to be taken and where HR programs need to be edited. 

This summit will bring together HR leaders who have seen the value in investing in HR and Workforce analytics to support talent tracking and management, workforce segmentation, diversity and inclusion strategies and improving employee satisfaction.

Topics to be covered include: 

  • Talent & Succession Management
  • Establishing an HR Analytics Division
  • Indentifying the Skills Needs for Long Term Growth
  • Identifying & Improving Employee Satisfaction
  • Implications of Talent Decisions
  • Keeping it Personal - the Human Factor in HR Analytics


Are you looking to showcase HR technologies or workforce analytics initiatives in front of the most influential industry gathering of the year? If the answer is yes then visibility at the Summit is an absolute must.


etc.venues St Paul's

Located at 200 Aldersgate near St. Paul's Cathedral & The Barbican, etc.venues St Paul's is a state of the art conference center for hosting a range of larger events and exhibitions.

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Executive Summary

HR & Workforce Analytics Innovation Summit

June 12 & 13, London, 2017

Transforming Your Business & The People Within It


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