HR & Workforce Analytics Summit

May 9 & 10, San Francisco, 2018

Why Attend?


The modern Human Resources function collects vast quantities of data. Increasingly, this data presents an opportunity to create and utilize a wide range of metrics for recruitment and performance.

However, the potential pitfalls for successful use of analytics are apparent. The gap between traditional training and technical competence, the governance of employee & applicant data, and the decision on where to invest has made the area treacherous terrain for organizations starting out with workforce analytics.

How do you bridge the knowledge gap between the HR role & analytics? How do you ensure transparency of data usage? How do you avert risk of removing the 'human factor' with over-reliance on your data dashboards?

The HR & Workforce Analytics Innovation Summit will address these issues and more, bringing together HR leaders who are implementing and experimenting with new analytical methods - driving remarkable improvements in their organizations.


Network with 150+ data science and industry professionals. If your job includes the following the responsibilities, this summit is for you!
Talent Recruitment, HR Analytics, HR Reporting, Workforce Analytics, Talent Management, Workforce Planning, HR Training & Compliance, People Analytics


The event space will include free WIFI and regular refreshment breaks throughout the day enabling you to catch up with the office. 

Breakfast and a hot, sit down lunch is also available on both days and included in the pass price. 

Can't make both days? Good news! We offer a limited number of One Day Passes at a reduced price so you can attend just Wednesday or Thursday and get the content that's most relevant to you. 


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