Open Innovation Summit

April 25 & 26, London, 2018

Why Attend

Sustaining disruptive innovation for an improved consumer experience. 

Transform your staff practices and business culture to an environment which embraces ‘failing fast’ for more robust and transformative innovations.

Overhaul your business with the seamless adoption of new technology; optimise digital connectivity, blockchain technology and crowd innovation.

Tackle your current innovation challenges with interactive sessions and real-time collaboration. 

Topics to be discussed: 

  • Establish a feedback dialogue with your consumers to drive your brand loyalty strategy
  • Fostering a startup ecosystem for fearless innovation and rapid intellectual growth
  • Democratising innovation; crowd innovation and the gig economy
  • New technology adoption - digital connectivity and blockchain technology
  • Reinvigorate your ideation process through hackathons and internal competitions 
  • Using behavioural science and design thinking to engage consumers in co-innovation
  • Creating mechanisms for collaboration across industries to improve R&D efficiency

This is a MUST attend if your job role includes the following:

  • Innovation, R&D, Ideation, IP
  • Concept development
  • New product development
  • External partnerships
  • Collaboration
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Innovation Lab

Confirm your place

Limited registrations for this intimate conference are available here.

For further information or group availability please email Dean