Strategic Planning Innovation Summit

May 7 & 8, San Francisco, 2018

Why Attend

How many steps are there to create a strategic plan? Which organization has had the most success with their process? It’s hard to accomplish anything without a plan, but how do you know if it is the right plan?

At this summit we take it back to basics with a cross-industry line up of some of today's most innovative global strategy leaders. We will gather the worlds most dynamic and senior executives operating in the areas of strategy & planning and create a platform for learning and discussion.

What topics will be covered?

  • Remodelling strategy amidst a diruptive environment
  • Common pitfalls in strategic planning
  • Enhancing strategic collaboration
  • Optimizing your strategy team
  • Strategic innovation
  • & much more!

Who will you meet?

If your job role includes the following responsibilities then this is a MUST attend event:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Strategic Innovation
  • Planning & Control
  • Strategic Planning & Analysis 
  • Strategy & Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Business Planning 
  • Forecasters